quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

Customer Engagement is a Multi-Channel Proposition

Social channels are grabbing a larger share of our interest and investment as customer engagement channels. And there's little argument about the value of social channels to help us gauge customer sentiment to inform our strategies and activities intended to enhance meaningful interaction with our brands. According to Banafsheh Ghassemi — and I suspect you will agree after listing to our conversation — relying too heavily on sentiment and other analyses from social media can create blind spots for marketers in our multi-channel world. We need to be listening on all of the channels in which we engage our customers.
Ghassemi is VP Marketing for American Red Cross, responsible for the not-for-profit's electronic customer relationship management and developing strategies to enhance overall customer experiences. An iconic brand, American Red Cross faces challenges that are not unlike any other company — large or small, charitable or for-profit, highly visible or brand new.

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